If you see Buddha on the Road

Well I’ve done my duty and submitted my game descriptions for Furance games convention in October.

Amoungst them is this game for Monkey, featuring the four main characters from the book.

Slot 3 If you see Buddha on the Road
System: Monkey
Players: 4
Five pilgrims on their way to India to pick up the lost scrolls of Buddhist cannon to bring enlightenment to a China beset by social ills, find their way blocked by a mountain range. Their only way through is a mountain pass which goes through a huge statue of Buddha himself! A winding stair leads up from a village nestled by Buddha’s feet, through temples and chambers carved out the rock in Buddha’s Lungs and heart, all the way up to the deity’s brow where the road continues onwards to India.

The pilgrims stop and gaze up at the giant statue:

Tripitaka, the Priest who leads the expedition wants to pay his respects at the many temples that line the winding stairs to Buddha’s brow.

Monkey is restless and after a long boring journey looks for opportunities for mischief.

Sandy is worried that all is not what it seems and despite the smiling local people and happy monks.

Pigsy hungry and thirsty after the trek through the desert just wants to gorge himself on food, wine and introduce himself to the pretty local women who live in the village built at Buddha’s feet.

Horse, being a shapeshifted Dragon Prince transformed into a stead for Tripitaka by the Goddess Kuan Yin momentarily wishes that he could transform back into a dragon and fly over the mountain, but is quietly resigned to plodding up all those stairs.

Come play a quick story inspired by the Chinese classic “Journey to the West”, using the four main characters from the book. Knowledge of the system, a straightforward fun set of rules using a deck of playing cards, or setting not required. Help celebrate 10 years of games of Monkey at Furnace, which saw the first convention game in its inaugural year!

Tags: Monkey Magic!, Comedy, Kung-Fu Action, MGF!

Monkey the Second Incarnation

Monkey is getting a second expanded edition with all new art.

The Second Incarnation, as 2nd ed is called, will have lots more characters, locations and GMs advice so it will be easier to pick up and play. I’ll also be smashing the idea that the game is only suitable for one shots 😉

Work has already started. The system is going to be streamlined and tweaked. No more large hands of cards to add up. More clarity about whose turn it is. Rules for who holds the spotlight at the beginning of a scene so quiet players don’t get drowned out by the loud mouths.

Peter Frain of 77Studios has been commissioned to do the art. This is a small piece that he did for one of the new pre-gen characters, the Taoist Priest Thunder Mountain.  He’s currently working on a group shot of the Four Pilgrims (aka Tripitaka, Monkey, Sandy and Pigsy) as well as individual pieces of them. One of the ideas behind the 2nd Incarnation is to make it more evocative in the illustrations department, and believe me Peter (who did the art for our recent River of Heaven game) is the artist to make this happen 🙂

Taoist Priest by Peter Frain

Taoist Priest by Peter Frain

I’m currently gearing up to run a home campaign of the Game, so expect some actual play reports.

Once my obligations towards the current Crypts and Things Kickstarter have been fulfilled and Monkey 2nd Incarnation has a 1st draft I’ll be looking to run a quick and focused Kickstarter for the game. Which as well as funding art and additional content as stretch goals (rules for mortals in the core rules for example), will  feature the previously announced Ministry of Thunder mini-campaign as a stretch goal.

My aim is to have the game out by June of next year, in time for UK Games Expo 2016 so we can have a Monkey themed stall with large stacks of the book for sale 😀

I also plan to follow up Monkey with other standalone Oriental themed RPGs…in fact this is going to be a big theme for D101 over the coming year. More details as this expands 🙂

For more news about the game’s development follow this blog.

In the meantime if you are curious about the first incarnation of the game, it is on sale via DriveThruRPG.com.