Monkey Goes to HateCon One

Daniel Barker, long time fan and convention Games Master, took the current Play Test Draft of Monkey 2nd Incarnation out for a run at London’s HateCon One on Saturday.  Sounds like he had a good time 🙂

OK, I ran it twice. Both went well. I liked the new mooks/goon mechanic. It meant players often got overwhelmed by mooks. in the first play through soldiers over ran Pigsy and tried to steal him off. In the second game Pigsy (again) got caught by bandits and was barbecued with honey but the “lovely ladies” saved him.

Play is much smoother, though people tended to stack a lot (trying to find ways to use every single ability at once). Monkey in both play throughs wanted to use his staff AND cloud all at once while using Kung Fu mischievously.[Newt: This is an area that needs tightening up in the current draft].

Some players didn’t get that being in “combat”  didn’t mean that they needed combat skills.[Newt: The final draft will give more examples of this] That said Tripitaka being 2 strikes down against a lustful demon only to deny the world of maya as she tried to strip him of his skin was pretty awesome. The second Triptaka was the epitome of party poopers, constantly giving sermons on right thought/action, and often bored parties of goons into submission
everyone seemed to enjoy, and one player, Lloyd was eager to see what the new rules were like. He liked the changes muchly, and told me tell you to pull your finger out 😉

All said and done, I’d run this version in a heart beat.

Monkey Monday: Happy Year of the Monkey!

As we enter the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey, the 2nd Incarnation of Monkey is imminent.

Probably not as imminent as Monkey would like (he is an impatient chap you know) but rapidly approaching all the same.

The plan is to kickstart the book, mainly to pay for production costs, but also to give it the full glow of publicity that it deserves and fund a few other things (such as the Ministry of Thunder Scenario pack and a chapter about Mortal Heroes – which will let you play Wuxia adventures inside and outside of the Journey to the West setting).

As well completely replacing all the internal art the game itself is getting a makeover. Rules are being simplified and honed so not only do they better match the quick-fire gameplay, but they also guide you through the story of the Journey of the West without falling victim railroading or hand waving. My write up of the new character generation process is a good example of this. There will be more posted on the blog in the run up to the Kickstarter.

But I can’t kickstart Monkey 2nd Incarnation until I’ve shipped Crypts and Things Remastered, which I’m currently looking at doing in March.

So as long as C&T goes to plan, I’m looking at the very appropriate April 1st 2016

The Pilgrims by Peter Frain

The Pilgrims by Peter Frain

Getting ready for the Fire Monkey

Well I’m ready for my announcement about the Monkey 2nd Incarnation tomorrow on the Chinese New Year, which is the start of the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey.

In my travels round the t’internet I’ve found a couple of relevant vids for your enjoyment 🙂

First off is the trailer for the new Monkey King 2. While part one focused on Monkey’s shenanigans in heaven and featured Chow Yun Fat as the Jade Emperor, this one gets down to business and has the four pilgrims (Monkey, Tripitaka, Sandy and Pigsy) kicking demon butt on the road to India.

Next up is a Pepsi advert that amoungst all the product placement (there’s a special 2016 Monkey King Pepsi can for all you collectors out there) tells the tale of the actor who played Monkey in the 1980s Chinese TV show (which I know is my friend Lynn’s favourite, since this is the version she grew up with).

Then there’s the Syney Heralds list of Chinese New Year Dos and Don’t which lists some of the traditions of the day as well as having a rather smart video about the Year of the Fire Monkey.

Finally my friend Lynn a couple of days ago posted this picture of a giant Transformer Monkey King (note the little Monkey on his palm!).