A short post here about some audio delights I’ve found for Monkey.

First off is a Audio book of the Arthur Waley translation ( an abridged version featuring only 30 chapters of the 100) that is commonly available in book form via the Penguin Classics serries (this is how I first came across the book, although I use the far more indepth Antony Yu Four Volume Translation now), read by the late great Kenneth Williams (yes of Carry On fame đŸ™‚ ) . This is the first three chapters but the remaining chapters are available in CD format or audio download from Amazon. In fact I picked it up as a late Christmas present for my self đŸ™‚

Second I’d firmly recommend the soundtrack to Kung Fu Hustle. Not only is this a rousing soundtrack of traditional Chinese music, it features many pieces that have featured in old classic Shaw Brothers films of the 1940s.

Finally there’s Damon Albarn’s (of Blur fame) take on the Journey to the West, which was a sound track to a stage production called Monkey Journey to the West, that premiered in Manchester International Festival in 2007 (which I missed even though I work in Manchester because it sold out quickly doh!) .

There’s an album available of it, and Jamie Hewlett the comic artist who did the designs for the show did a live action video for the first single.

Day 16 of 23 Days of Monkey, Kickstarter opens in 7 days on 8th January 2017.