Morning Monkey FOUR DAYS TO GO!!!

That’s right this time Friday morning it will all be over!

Stretch Goal 4 funded at the end of last week, so that’s The Monkey Companion in the bag. That’s a total of four books that the campaign has funded now. I’ve added six new stretch goals to the campaign  and funding has picked up. Who knows where we will end our own Journey to the West ?

So if you are thinking about backing now is the time to jump aboard and if you are a backer thinking about upping their pledge please do now to help the campaign end up in a crazy unimaginable place 🙂

Jon Hodgson’s work in progress cover


Monkey Morning 18 Cover + Illustrations

More art is coming in from the artists. Lots of stuff to show you today 🙂

Art production for the main rulebook is fully under way and the artists are blowing me away with their contributions 🙂

Here’s Jon Hodgson’s cover in progress

And here it is again on its own as a static image…

Jon Hodgson’s cover a work in progress at sketch state

Next Dan Barker has finished off his full page illustration for the adventure “If you see Buddha on the Road”

Dan Barker’s If you see Buddha on the Road

Kickstarter Launch Delayed

Just to let you know that I’m delaying the Kickstarter launch until this coming Wednesday (11th January).

Nothing major, I’ve just got a couple of things I want to get sorted before the campaign starts.

So see you Wednesday!

23 Days of Monkey, Day 22 The Cover by Jon Hodgson

How I know Jon Hodgson, one of the leading lights at Cubicle 7 and more roleplaying/gaming art credits than I can comfortably fit in my head, from his time as the ‘comic specialist’ in the mighty Travelling Man shop ( a glorious den of gaming, comics and general geekry) where he was the cheeky monkey who helped me out when the ‘rpg specialist’ around. Many years later he remembered me and was graceful enough to do the cover for the first edition of the game, which was a huge personal boost for me and the game. Jon has a firm grasp of mythic storytelling, witness his magnificent work on C7’s The One Ring, and his past generosity made it a no brainer to ask him to do the cover art for the 2nd Incarnation. Jon has a fierce schedule of work these days and I’m very happy found a gap and he’s said yes!

This is the provisional cover for Monkey the 2nd Incarnation, which is the same as current cover but with the ‘trade dress’ (that’s titles and logos) rearranged.

Current Cover by Jon Hodgson

But we can do better than that! 🙂

If the campaign funds Jon will be doing a new cover with all four of the pilgrims. This is something I wanted for the first edition, but at the time I didn’t have enough money to afford it. In those days D101 Games ran on pennies. In fact I blew the entire art budget on the front cover! Fortunately after a bit of a search I found enough good public domain art for the interior art.

Jon has also done the cover for the Ministry of Thunder Adventure collection which is one of the Stretch Goals for the Kickstarter Campaign. (see Day 12 for more details).

Ministry of Thunder cover by Jon Hodgson

23 Days of Monkey, Day 21 Dan Barker

As our journey nears its end, time to talk about another of the artists who will be working on the book : Dan Barker.

I’ve been a big fan of Dan Barker’s work since I came across him in the classic Tales of the Reaching Moon fanzine for the gaming world of Glorantha in the 90s. As a rather rabid fan of Glorantha at the time some of my favorite pieces were his full page illustrations which were intended to be cut out and pasted over the piss-poor illustrations in Avalon Hill’s Troll God box set.

Bina Bang by Dan Barker

Bina Bang by Dan Barker

Dan’s work then and the bits he’s done since show’s he’s got a firm grasp of the mythic storytelling that Monkey requires, as well as the strong technical talent that I want for the new version of Monkey.  He’s also got a wicked sense of humour, that comes out in some of his pieces (which as my Grandfather who was a senior art lecturer said is essential for a working artist’s work).

This humour is in full evidence I feel in this ‘test’ piece that Dan sent me last year  (if you are not getting it look at how Monkey is riding his cloud).

Monkey riding the clouds by Dan Barker

Monkey riding the clouds by Dan Barker

Dan is also a big fan of the game. Both he and his partner Gwen regularly run the game at conventions that they attend. Dan has been one of the voices that has been pushing me to get Monkey 2 done and he was the first people to run the new game.

So I’m more than happy that Dan is joining the merry band who will be Journeying West to produce the new Monkey the 2nd Incarnation!

Day 21 of 23 Days of Monkey, Kickstarter opens on 8th January 2017.