Hurrah its Monkey Monday!!

Welcome to Monkey Monday which from now on will be a fairly regular update of what is going on in the world of Monkey. Furture Monkey Mondays will feature reports from my home Sunday playtests as well as bits about the ongoing development of Monkey the 2nd Incarnation.

Art Update

This week I give the joyous news that Peter Frain has completed the first assignment of new art for the game. I asked Peter to do individual pieces of the four main characters form the Book/TV Series. This he has done to an outstanding job, surpassing even his high standards. Four black and white line pieces of each character and a group shot of Monkey, Sandy, Pigsy and Tripitaka have been complted, and out of the group shot Peter pulled this individual illustration of Monkey which I asked him to colour. Gowan click on the croutching Monkey and you’ll see him magically grow in size!


Hello new Monkey Fans!

TheΒ  Super Asian Blast Bundle of Holding which saw Monkey featured in it has seen 650 new downloads of the pdf since it ran. Which means 650 new Monkey fans! I’ve already had eager souls who bought the game via the Bundle ask when 2nd Incarnation would be out. If you are new to the game sit tight, add the blog to your reading list ( via the Subscribe via Email box) and you’ll see how I’m growing the game to be more fun, easier to play and more colourful in its presentation πŸ™‚

Ongoing playtests

Well I’ve started my home group on the Journey to the West using the 2nd Incarnation changes, and last session was the new playable character generation. This method sees the players actually play through character generation,Β  actually drawing cards to resolve Actions during key steps of their character’s back story, It was lots of fun and I’ll write it up in more detail for a future Monkey Monday πŸ™‚

If you see Buddha on the Road

This is the convention game I ran at Furnace last month. It ran to a group of four players, playing the Pilgrims (Monkey, Sandy, Pigsy and Tripitaka) on a Saturday night, where to be honest after a day of hyperactive GMing and a social with Hobgoblin Beer on tap the night before I was a bit worse for wear. But I need not have worried. The Monkey is designed to give the players lots of freedom to play the game they want, while emulating the source material, without the GM being heavy handed, and the player’s got into the swing of things and carried the game with much gusto. I introduced the new tweaked rules for 2nd Incarnation, and a new way of dealing with large groups of opponents naturally arrose from the game. So much fun was had by all. I’ll do a more indepth write up of the game for a future Monkey Monday.

So that’s it for now.See you next Monday ! πŸ™‚


If you see Buddha on the Road

Well I’ve done my duty and submitted my game descriptions for Furance games convention in October.

Amoungst them is this game for Monkey, featuring the four main characters from the book.

Slot 3 If you see Buddha on the Road
System: Monkey
Players: 4
Five pilgrims on their way to India to pick up the lost scrolls of Buddhist cannon to bring enlightenment to a China beset by social ills, find their way blocked by a mountain range. Their only way through is a mountain pass which goes through a huge statue of Buddha himself! A winding stair leads up from a village nestled by Buddha’s feet, through temples and chambers carved out the rock in Buddha’s Lungs and heart, all the way up to the deity’s brow where the road continues onwards to India.

The pilgrims stop and gaze up at the giant statue:

Tripitaka, the Priest who leads the expedition wants to pay his respects at the many temples that line the winding stairs to Buddha’s brow.

Monkey is restless and after a long boring journey looks for opportunities for mischief.

Sandy is worried that all is not what it seems and despite the smiling local people and happy monks.

Pigsy hungry and thirsty after the trek through the desert just wants to gorge himself on food, wine and introduce himself to the pretty local women who live in the village built at Buddha’s feet.

Horse, being a shapeshifted Dragon Prince transformed into a stead for Tripitaka by the Goddess Kuan Yin momentarily wishes that he could transform back into a dragon and fly over the mountain, but is quietly resigned to plodding up all those stairs.

Come play a quick story inspired by the Chinese classic “Journey to the West”, using the four main characters from the book. Knowledge of the system, a straightforward fun set of rules using a deck of playing cards, or setting not required. Help celebrate 10 years of games of Monkey at Furnace, which saw the first convention game in its inaugural year!

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