Progress on the Mandate of Heaven

The Bad News, deadlines have gone flying past again like Monkey making to the edge of the Universe on his cloud. A combination of real-life busyness with day jobs (for my collaborators) and for me the joys of having my children at home for the summer holidays.

The Good News, we’re not pissing on the five pillars (which turn out to be Buddha’s fingers) when we get there. The document undergoing final proof, I’m putting the final touches on the Play Aids pack, Glynn Seal is doing city maps, and Dan Barker is doing stunning work on the art.

I’m cracking the whip and shouting “End of August!!”

So for now, that’s where I’ll leave you with Dan’s charming picture of the co-rulers of the Western Heaven sharing a slightly awkward moment as the more youthful and inexperienced Jade Emperor experiences the displeasure of the Queen Mother of the Western Heaven, who briefly shows her “Queen of Tigers” side.

(and if you want a sneak peek at another piece Dan did the book, pop over to this previous post on the Monkey blog).

The Queen Mother of the Western Heaven and the Jade Emperor by Dan Barker

I shall update you again in early Sept.

Monkey now out!

One last big thing today…finally releasing Monkey into the wild over at (remember you can buy it from me at d101games/store).

I feel all shades of emotional. The release of the book is only the beginning. There will be convention games of it at Manchester Free RPG day, Continuum, Furnace and I’m planning something very very big for Dragonmeet 

Monkey Morning 15, Half time on the Kickstarter!

We’re now officially half way through the Kickstarter and in a very healthy position indeed.

Main Rulebook funded on day one, followed by Stretch Goals 1 +2 which provide extra content for that book + a separate quick start rule booklet which will be be free in pdf form and low cost in print. Stretch goal 3, The Ministry of Thunder funded yesterday, and this will be a 5 scenario book. I’m quite  chuffed about this because I’ve wanted to do this for years and now have the funds to get it done properly.

We’re now funding the Monkey Companion (which I’ll blog about in detail tomorrow).which is basically a book of short articles and adventures. One of these feature hopping vampires from Chinese Kung Fu movies, and Peter Frain has done a cracking job on illustrating one of them.

Chinese Vampire by Peter Frain

Chinese Vampire by Peter Frain

Monkey Morning 4 of the Kickstarter, the story so far

Its Saturday morning, and Day 4 of the Monkey 2nd Incarnation Kickstarter  and this is where we stand.

The basic goal of the new edition with streamlined rules and new art by the likes of, Peter Frain, Daniel Barker and a new cover by Jon Hodgson FUNDED!  (within 16 hours on the first day!)

Stretch Goal One: If you see Buddha on the Road, an extra adventure in the main rule book and the basis of a Quick Start booklet FUNDED!

Currently we are funding Stretch Goal Two: Defenders of the Dragon Empire as a chapter in main rule book that deals with how to create and play mortal heroines and heroes in the game, and we are just under 50% towards being Funded..

If you’ve backed it tell your friends. The bigger this gets the more stretch goals with new content we can fund.

If you’ve  not backed, but are curious about what this game is about, please click the link below and read on….

Kickstarter Launch Delayed

Just to let you know that I’m delaying the Kickstarter launch until this coming Wednesday (11th January).

Nothing major, I’ve just got a couple of things I want to get sorted before the campaign starts.

So see you Wednesday!

23 Days of Monkey, Day 1 The Journey Begins

It took fifteen years to write and develop the first edition of Monkey the Storytelling game of the Journey to the West. It was first released in July 2010 at the Continuum Games Convention in Leicester UK. You see this was five years ago, when we didn’t have Kickstarters in this part of the world, so taking it along to the largest con I went to and selling a good fifty copies (about a quarter of the attendees) was a big thing for me.  It set the tone for Monkey’s sales, which have mainly been face to face direct sales. One of the aims of the 2nd incarnation kickstarter is to bring the game to a wider audience outside of people who know it from the local cons I’ve run it at or who have come across it online by chance.

Below is a gallery of good memories from the 1st edition’s launch five and a half years ago.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And so with this post the Journey to Monkey’s 2nd Incarnation Kickstarter begins!
Here’s a clip from the Japanese 1970s TV series that was one of my principle inspirations for the game.

Day 1 of 23 Days of Monkey, Kickstarter in 22 days on 8th January 2017.