As leaves gently fall…and the Monkey wonders why its gone so quiet?

Update on the progress of the game and an upcoming event in 2017. All exciting stuff involving an imminent 1st Draft, Kickstarter date, and a Mega Monkey event at the 7 Hills Gaming Convention!


Now Crypts and Things Remastered has been released, and its add on adventures which are well on the way in the production process, my thoughts turn to Monkey as my next Kickstarter. First off I need a first draft – so I’m going to take a week off work and write it. Lots of good stuff has come out of showing the very patchy “Playtest Document” to the Monkey Army folk (my thanks go to Lloyd and Neil especially on this one for some of the game changing feed back they gave me), and also my own editorial has and further research (from the films especially) has got the ideas factory in overdrive. So I need a bit of quiet focused time to pull it all together. Then its a case of get it through proof/editorial, pass it to the Mighty Monkey Army for a quick bit of feedback and then Kickstarter either before or after Xmas.

MEGA MONKEY at 7 Hills Gaming Convention April 2017

Ideally I’d want the game out by April, so this event will hopefully double as a release party. If not it will be still a big fun game of Monkey, that will be unique and special. The MEGA MONKEY is going to be two tables of Monkey running side by side with space for the Narrator(s) and players to move about, partially due to the frenetic nature of the game, but also because one table will be the Western Heaven, the other will be Earth. Each table will have a Narrator and at their desecration players will be able to move between Heaven and Earth.  I’ll be running the game twice over the course of the convention (Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon) for Eight Players each time.  There will be other fun bits going on that I’ll reveal over time as the game gets developed.

If you want in you have to go register for the Convention first, then when it gets nearer to the convention the organizers will ask you which game you would like to prebook – let them know that you want to join the Mega Monkey. Also let me know, so I know numbers – if I know in advance we’ll be able to do character generation with you (but don’t worry if you don’t I’ll have a pile of pre-generated characters) and arrange some other Monkey Funky things 😉

Note you sort out accommodation yourself.  The number of rooms at the venue the Garrison Hotel is limited and by this stage running low. I’d also recommend ringing the venue directly instead of using the online booking form, because there’s often rooms available when the online version says its full.

So despite the Earth going to sleep, this Monkey is very much awake and alive!

Westwards we go!!




Monkey the Second Incarnation

Monkey is getting a second expanded edition with all new art.

The Second Incarnation, as 2nd ed is called, will have lots more characters, locations and GMs advice so it will be easier to pick up and play. I’ll also be smashing the idea that the game is only suitable for one shots 😉

Work has already started. The system is going to be streamlined and tweaked. No more large hands of cards to add up. More clarity about whose turn it is. Rules for who holds the spotlight at the beginning of a scene so quiet players don’t get drowned out by the loud mouths.

Peter Frain of 77Studios has been commissioned to do the art. This is a small piece that he did for one of the new pre-gen characters, the Taoist Priest Thunder Mountain.  He’s currently working on a group shot of the Four Pilgrims (aka Tripitaka, Monkey, Sandy and Pigsy) as well as individual pieces of them. One of the ideas behind the 2nd Incarnation is to make it more evocative in the illustrations department, and believe me Peter (who did the art for our recent River of Heaven game) is the artist to make this happen 🙂

Taoist Priest by Peter Frain

Taoist Priest by Peter Frain

I’m currently gearing up to run a home campaign of the Game, so expect some actual play reports.

Once my obligations towards the current Crypts and Things Kickstarter have been fulfilled and Monkey 2nd Incarnation has a 1st draft I’ll be looking to run a quick and focused Kickstarter for the game. Which as well as funding art and additional content as stretch goals (rules for mortals in the core rules for example), will  feature the previously announced Ministry of Thunder mini-campaign as a stretch goal.

My aim is to have the game out by June of next year, in time for UK Games Expo 2016 so we can have a Monkey themed stall with large stacks of the book for sale 😀

I also plan to follow up Monkey with other standalone Oriental themed RPGs…in fact this is going to be a big theme for D101 over the coming year. More details as this expands 🙂

For more news about the game’s development follow this blog.

In the meantime if you are curious about the first incarnation of the game, it is on sale via