Monkey Morning Day 14, Stretch Goal 3 hit !

Earlier this morning we hit theΒ Stretch Goal 3 The Ministry of Thunder! Now onwards and upwards towards the Monkey Companion!

Also some good news if you are backing at the Silver Monkey level (or are considering it). I’ve upped the reward package to include eight art prints; the piece you sponsor or suggest (which you’ll also get as a print quality electronic image for your own personal use) + 3 pieces by Peter Frain (The Monkey Triptych which includes the banner image on this site) + Dan Barker’s interpretation of the Four Pilgrims.

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Talking of Dan, he’s still working away at his illustration for the scenario “If you See Buddha on the Road”

Here’s the latest work in progress showing the scale of the piece (its missing Monkey and co.)

If you see Buddha on the Road, work in progress by Dan Barker


Monkey Monday! Day 13 of the Kickstarter!

So today’s update is Monday Monkey instead of a Monkey Morning, because hey I was busy this morning πŸ™‚

Nearly half-way point, and let me remind you we’re we are up to.

The Main Rule Book has funded – and will include art like this:

Tripitaka contempatles the illusionary nature of reality by Dan Barker.

Tripitaka contemplates the illusionary nature of reality by Dan Barker.

Stretch Goal 1: If you See Buddha on the Road , has funded. So we’ll have an extra introductory adventure in the rulebook + a Quick start rule book with that as the basis of the booklet.

Here’s the very rough sketch of the illustration Dan Barker is currently working on:

Stretch goal 3 Defenders of the Dragon Empire has been funded, which sees a chapter dealing with mortal wuxia inspired characters added to the main rule book.

Taoist Priest by Peter Frain

Taoist Priest by Peter Frain

We’re nearly at Stretch Goal 3 The Ministry of Thunder, about 23 average backers away in fact. this is where all backers get a copy of a book of five adventures based around the Celestial Burocracy of the title.

Ministry of Thunder cover by Jon Hodgson

Oh and if you are looking for a good overview of the game, I did an interview with Dan Davenport of Chat last week that summed it up nicely:

So if you are sitting on the fence about funding Monkey, please get off it because the quicker we fund Stretch goals the more content and fun stuff we can provide.

If you’ve already funded us, please please tell your friends. Share the campaign on social media because this does get new backers in! We had some shares over the weeeknd and this kept things going.

Monkey Morning Day 11 More Art!

Campaign had a great day yesterday with more backers jumping on at a slightly higher rate than anticipated, pushing us over the 50% line for Stretch Goal 3. The Ministry of Thunder gets closer to opening its doors to us πŸ˜‰

In the mean time late last night, Peter Frain delivered this awesome Skeleton Warrior who will live in the Defenders of the Dragon Empire chapter, providing bone-kicking opposition for the mortal characters who live there πŸ™‚

Skeleton Warrior by Peter Frain

Skeleton Warrior by Peter Frain

Morning Monkey Day 10 ART ATTACK!!!

Yesterday was a good day for pledges which is meaning that we are still on for funding the Ministry of Thunder (Strectch Goal 3) either at the weekend or shortly afterwards, and certainly by the end of week two of the campaign.

Witht main rulebook funded, I’ve given the green light to artists Peter Frain and Dan Barker to get started on the illustrations. Both are working excitedly away and Dan has just submitted this rather wonderful piece of the monk Tripitaka and on his Horse who’s real nature, as a dragon, is revealed by his shadow on the cave wall.

Tripitaka contempatles the illusionary nature of reality by Dan Barker.

Tripitaka contempatles the illusionary nature of reality by Dan Barker.

Monkey Morning Day 9 Slowing down but still looking up

We are now in week 2 of the four week campaign and doing very well with the basic goal of the main rule book funded as well as the first two stretch goals (an extra adventure in the book, which also forms the basis of a quick start booklet, and a chapter on mortal Wuxia characters in the game).

The number of new backers have slowed right down, which to be honest is what I expected. Money is still coming in and I’m confident that we’ll hit the advertised stretch goals (3 The Ministry of Thunder & 4 Monkey Companion – both standalone books) by the end of the campaign. In fact I’m optimistic that if we get a fresh wave of publicity (hint if you are a backer tell your friends). we could clear Stretch goal 3 The Ministry of Thunder (a book of five connected adventures) by the weekend or early next week.

Since the book has funded I’ve started work on it and I’ve given the green light to +Daniel Barker and +Peter Frain to start producing art. They’ve both enthusiastically embraced this, and from the sounds of their excited emails I should have some new art to show you in the coming days.

Mandate of Heaven now on Kickstarter

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