gYr9FFsB-XSWHP4FgG28ax4YNhzud3u98WFhQbdSXQo This is roughly planned to coincide with Conpulsion 2013 in April, which has the theme this year of Espionage  The player characters are members of a Ninja clan, who have been forced to flee their old clan lands after losing face with the Emperor. Now they can do the jobs that Samurai can not do, and settle a few old scores while they are at it.

The  main difference so far from Monkey

  • Characters are mortal, if they loose their Strikes they are dead and out of the game.
  • Low to no magic.  Still up in the air about this one, perhaps characters gain magic-like abilities to model the mystical side of the Ninja.
  • Skills start much lower, to make the characters less omnipotent and vulnerable   Also to encourage team work (which may need elaborating).
  • New or altered professions  Primary profession becomes what the character did before the clan went into exile, Secondary profession is what they’ve been forced into since ( so opportunity for all sort of undignified professions such as beggars and farmers here) and Tertiary profession is their hobby/interest as before.
  • Weakness becomes ‘Revenge’. As part of the clan’s exile somebody dishonoured the character and they want revenge to restore their honour.  As with weakness the player gains fate points for using it to land the group in trouble, but also bonuses when its actively pursued.
  • Some form of mission generator for adventure creation that can be used in-play and is driven by the players.
  • Play style much more stealth driven with outbursts of frenetic activity.
  • Equipment, in the form of Signature weapons  and some form of “Right Tool for the Job” rule, to play a much bigger part in the game.