I am proud to announce The Ministry of Thunder, An adventure book for Monkey: The storytelling game of the Journey to the West.

“Your errant immortals find themselves in trouble with the Heavenly Authorities. Fully expecting to be cast out of Heaven for your crimes, instead you find yourselves drafted into the celestial Ministry of Thunder. Run by the God of Thunder, Lei Gong, it takes on the role of punishing those crimes that mortal law can’t or won’t reach
As deputies of the Ministry of Thunder, led by the stern and terrible Lei-Gong Lord of Thunder, it’s your job to solve crimes and bring to justice those responsible where the mortal authorities won’t or can’t get involved.

A collection of five adventures forming a mini-campaign playable over many sessions. Take your Immortals from criminal outcasts who reform themselves through service to the Ministry of Thunder.


King Tiger
In the city of the winds on the very frontier of the Tang Empire, members of the Li Clan are going missing. A particularly worrying prospect since one in four people in that region are called ‘Li’, a region that is charged with the very protection of the Empire. The implications are clear, so go down to Earth straight away

The Magical Painter
The Queen of the Western Heaven’s favourite mortal Painter has gone missing.  Nobody seems to care or know where he has gone. The Queen arrives at the Ministry of Thunder to demand its agents recover him. The Ministry says “you say jump, we say how high” and assigns its best agents to the job.  Yes that’s you scruffy lot, get yourselves down to Earth right away!

Trouble at Temple
The Abbott of the Buddhist Temple of Golden Harmony is found dead in his room. Who is responsible? What foul plot is afoot? What has the carp in the Temple pool got to say for itself?

Whatever the cause, it is up to you and your immortal companions to sort out this mess.

Bad Dragon
A number of Magical items have gone missing from the Treasury of the Dragon King of the Northern Ocean. The Demon of the Black Lagoon is implicated in their theft. As agents of the Ministry of Thunder, it’s your job to investigate. So quickly travel to the undersea court of the Dragon King, then through the Octopus’s Garden to the Black Lagoon to apprehend the miscreant demon.

Freedom or Fire!
Heavens on Fire! The Ministry of Thunder is called in but Minister Lei Gong’s modesty prevents him from dealing with the case in person. That’s where your disgraced immortals come into it. You must go where terrifying giant bat winged, bird headed Gods of Thunder and Lighting refuse to tread. The culprits must be caught and brought to JUSTICE!

Cover by the talented Jon Hodgson

Ministry of Thunder cover by Jon Hodgson