Well I’m ready for my announcement about the Monkey 2nd Incarnation tomorrow on the Chinese New Year, which is the start of the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey.

In my travels round the t’internet I’ve found a couple of relevant vids for your enjoyment 🙂

First off is the trailer for the new Monkey King 2. While part one focused on Monkey’s shenanigans in heaven and featured Chow Yun Fat as the Jade Emperor, this one gets down to business and has the four pilgrims (Monkey, Tripitaka, Sandy and Pigsy) kicking demon butt on the road to India.

Next up is a Pepsi advert that amoungst all the product placement (there’s a special 2016 Monkey King Pepsi can for all you collectors out there) tells the tale of the actor who played Monkey in the 1980s Chinese TV show (which I know is my friend Lynn’s favourite, since this is the version she grew up with).

Then there’s the Syney Heralds list of Chinese New Year Dos and Don’t which lists some of the traditions of the day as well as having a rather smart video about the Year of the Fire Monkey.

Finally my friend Lynn a couple of days ago posted this picture of a giant Transformer Monkey King (note the little Monkey on his palm!).