As we enter the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey, the 2nd Incarnation of Monkey is imminent.

Probably not as imminent as Monkey would like (he is an impatient chap you know) but rapidly approaching all the same.

The plan is to kickstart the book, mainly to pay for production costs, but also to give it the full glow of publicity that it deserves and fund a few other things (such as the Ministry of Thunder Scenario pack and a chapter about Mortal Heroes – which will let you play Wuxia adventures inside and outside of the Journey to the West setting).

As well completely replacing all the internal art the game itself is getting a makeover. Rules are being simplified and honed so not only do they better match the quick-fire gameplay, but they also guide you through the story of the Journey of the West without falling victim railroading or hand waving. My write up of the new character generation process is a good example of this. There will be more posted on the blog in the run up to the Kickstarter.

But I can’t kickstart Monkey 2nd Incarnation until I’ve shipped Crypts and Things Remastered, which I’m currently looking at doing in March.

So as long as C&T goes to plan, I’m looking at the very appropriate April 1st 2016

The Pilgrims by Peter Frain

The Pilgrims by Peter Frain