So in 23 days the Kickstarter for Monkey the 2nd Incarnation opens on Sunday 8th January.

In the run up as is traditional with KS I’ll be doing advanced previews of what to expect of the new edition and other fun bits about the game. Since it’s the festive season at the moment I’m framing my posts within a “23 Days of Monkey” theme. Consider it a sort of Advent calendar with words rather than chocolate 🙂
(If you want the chocolate at home feel free to get a tray, label it with numbers 1 to 23 and put a chocolate next to each number).

I’ll be sharing the posts via the usual social media I use (G+/Facebook), but if you are a Monkey Fan (or Monkey Manic as I’m coming to call you) please re-share and get the word out. One of the reasons I’m doing the Kickstarter is to get word out about the game further than the people who have come across it from the conventions I go to or have happened across it by chance. So please re-share.

Come back tomorrow for the first day of the 23 Days of Monkey!