It took fifteen years to write and develop the first edition of Monkey the Storytelling game of the Journey to the West. It was first released in July 2010 at the Continuum Games Convention in Leicester UK. You see this was five years ago, when we didn’t have Kickstarters in this part of the world, so taking it along to the largest con I went to and selling a good fifty copies (about a quarter of the attendees) was a big thing for me.  It set the tone for Monkey’s sales, which have mainly been face to face direct sales. One of the aims of the 2nd incarnation kickstarter is to bring the game to a wider audience outside of people who know it from the local cons I’ve run it at or who have come across it online by chance.

Below is a gallery of good memories from the 1st edition’s launch five and a half years ago.

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And so with this post the Journey to Monkey’s 2nd Incarnation Kickstarter begins!
Here’s a clip from the Japanese 1970s TV series that was one of my principle inspirations for the game.

Day 1 of 23 Days of Monkey, Kickstarter in 22 days on 8th January 2017.