Fox Spirit by Peter Frain

Animal Spirits are among the character types available for Player Immortals in the game.

This of course Monkey’s Origin, but also famous are the Fox Spirits, who have a reputation for playful mischief and magical elegance.

As well as the narrative aspects of this Origin, Animals Spirits get bonuses from their personality (called Attitudes) since they are more driven by their passions than what they learn in their professions.

Meet Whitetails one of the Player Immortals and a Fox Spirit run by Mr C in my home game. He featured in the 1st Edition this is the chacter updated for the 2nd Incarnation.

Immortal type: Animal Spirit (Fox)
Crime (Weakness):While in the Western Heaven crafty Whitetails tried to steal Lao Tzu’s famous Pills of Immortality. (Theft)
Yin: Agile*
Yang: Cunning
*Whitetails draws two cards for this Dominant Attitudes.
Street knowledge 2
Kung-Fu 2
Rogue 1
Magical Powers
Flight, Shape change
Magic Fan of the Wind:

I recently came across this film from 2013, The Fox Lover, which is all about a small family of Fox Spirits (or Fox fairies as the translation calls them). More a whimsical and romantic tale than martial arts action blockbuster (although it does have its moments), this tale really shows the sort of personal dilemmas that you can build into a game of Monkey.

Day 2 of 23 Days of Monkey, Kickstarter in 21 days on 8th January 2017.