If you’ve been following the 23 Days of Monkey so far you’ll be noticing the wonderful new art that artist Peter Frain has already done for the book, prior to the Kickstarter opening (well its a good idea to have something to show when one of your selling points is new art).

Peter has previously worked on the full colour internal art of River of Heaven, our D100 Sci-fi game, and done the cover for Hunters of Alexandria amoung other bits and pieces. Outside of D101 he did the art for Neil Gow’s Napoleonic Duty and Honour & Beat to the Quarters games (which are awesome little games that pack well beyond their page count) which is were I first came across him and the Fate System Toolkit (Evil Hat). Heroes of Hellas, and Barbarians of Lemuria Mythic Edition.

I first commissioned him to do six characters for a convention game I was running, knowing he was reliable and worked quickly. I wasn’t expecting the wonders that came into my inbox. Here are three of the characters he did (I’m keeping the other 3 to myself for now).

Taoist Priest by Peter Frain

Taoist Priest by Peter Frain

Little Monkey by Peter Frain

Little Monkey by Peter Frain

Fox Spirit by Peter Frain

So that’s what got him the gig. This is the image of the four pilgrims that will be the front page of the book.

The Pilgrims by Peter Frain

And finally if you look up this is an example of Peter’s colour work 🙂

Monkey by Peter Frain

Finally see more of Peter’s work at his art blog

Day 8 of 23 Days of Monkey, Kickstarter opens on 8th January 2017.