After yesterday’s over indulgence, that is the British Midwinter Festival there’s only one thing I can post about today my favourite character from Journey to the West……


Pigsy , an ex-Marshall of the Heavenly armies kicked out of the Western Heaven for er trying to mess about with one of the Queen of the Western Heaven’s Handmaidens, is the epitome of lust and greed. But he also has positive values. Despite his constant bickering with Monkey, who takes a big brother role in the group, he does genuinely care about his fellow travelers. He’s also got a great sense of humour, which makes him the focus of much comedy in the various film and TV adaptations.

Here Monkey meets Pigsy in the 80s Japanese series, which is quite faithful to the book.

Metal Pig

Probably the most sinister version of Pigsy, in direct opposition to the usual daft version, is the ‘smooth faced’ pigsy in Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West Conquering Demons.

Finally Pigsy Sings!!!