The Pilgrims have started their Journey to the West! They seek the missing scrolls of Buddhist Cannon that will help bring harmony and order to the Dragon Empire. Demons know this and fear this. Not only do they attempt stop the Tripitaka, Monkey, Sandy and Pigsy in their mission to India, they run amok in the Empire itself. If they cannot stop the pilgrims they seek to reduce what they aim to save to ashes!

Only the brave men and women of the Dragon Empire’s Martial Arts Circles fight back against the demonic onslaught. Each victory they win they increase the people’s hope of returning the Heavenly Order to the Universe.

I’ve had numerous requests to write a Wuxia version of Monkey, where the focus of the game shifts to mortal martial arts heroes.  Defenders of the Dragon Empire is that game. While Monkey and company head off to India, the mortal heroes and heroines must defend one of the Tang Empire Cities (which is detailed and becomes the focus of this game-type) from the evil army of Demons that have turned up at its gates. Its a Kickstarter stretch goal at two levels. As an Early Stretch Goal where I include a chapter about how to tweak Monkey to run a mortal based game. If the Kickstarter reaches higher levels of funding, I’ll expand and develop Defenders into its own standalone game.

Being mortals they are not innately magical and the emphasis shifts to amazing displays of talents with the occasional special feat being thrown into mix instead of big fights were chi-powers are thrown around casually (often along with nearby scenery) as is the case with Immortals.

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate visually nails it for me about were the Kung-Fu element should be.

This scene from Kung Fu Hustle shows three masters mow down hordes of extras.

And as for Taoist Sorcerers, here’s a scene from Spooky Encounters which demonstrates a Sorcerer’s Duel.