Sandy by Peter Frain

Sandy by Peter Frain

Today we look at the third of the four pilgrims, the ever downbeat Sandy.

Sandy was once a Marshall of the Armies of Western Heaven until he broke the Jade Emperor’s Jade bowl at one of his parties.
Cast out of heaven he became a water demon, preying on passing travelers. He fought Pigsy and Monkey, as a Water Monster, until he realised they were travelling with Tripitaka, who he knew was his source of redemption. Throwing himself at the monk’s feet he dedicated himself to the Buddhist way and protecting him on his Journey to the West, to bring back the lost scrolls of Buddhism from India.

If the four pilgrims represent humankind’s common failings, Monkey is recklessness, Pigsy lust and gluttony, Tripitaka fear, then Sandy is the tendency to see everything in a bad light. This leads to some black comic moments in the book as Sandy mournfully reflects on all that could go wrong.


Origin: Celestial Deity


  • Yin: Miserable
  • Yang: Aggressive

Weakness: Clumsy


  • Kung Fu 3
  • Soldier 2
  • Poet 1

Magic Powers:

  • Flight
  • Shape changing

Magical Weapons

  • Skull Necklace of Buddhist Pilgrims. This necklace made of the skulls of buddhists, to virtueous to sink to the bottom of the river is used by Sandy to form a raft to take people across.

Here’s the scene where Monkey meets Sandy for the first time in the 80s Japanese TV Series, as the Pilgrims are trying to get Tripitaka safely across the river that Sandy is dwelling in.

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