Its Saturday morning, and Day 4 of the Monkey 2nd Incarnation Kickstarter  and this is where we stand.

The basic goal of the new edition with streamlined rules and new art by the likes of, Peter Frain, Daniel Barker and a new cover by Jon Hodgson FUNDED!  (within 16 hours on the first day!)

Stretch Goal One: If you see Buddha on the Road, an extra adventure in the main rule book and the basis of a Quick Start booklet FUNDED!

Currently we are funding Stretch Goal Two: Defenders of the Dragon Empire as a chapter in main rule book that deals with how to create and play mortal heroines and heroes in the game, and we are just under 50% towards being Funded..

If you’ve backed it tell your friends. The bigger this gets the more stretch goals with new content we can fund.

If you’ve  not backed, but are curious about what this game is about, please click the link below and read on….