Good Morning! Monkey Manics!

Things have slowed down yesterday, because people do stuff away from t’internets at weekends I hear, but we are still on track for hitting Stretch Goal 2 Defenders of the Dragon Empire very soon. At time of posting we’re just under £300* away from adding Mortal Wuxia heroes to the world of Monkey.

We also hit the most fortunate number of 8 Golden Monkey’s yesterday. These are the Monkey Manics who have gone in at the high-end pledge, a significant and most welcome contribution to the funding.

I also notice that in the split of backers there’s a large number of Brass Monkeys. To be honest I didn’t expect that at this stage, I put level in so that it was there for later when we had reached the stage of stretch goal standalone books, so people could up grade their pledges to get everything in print. But so many people have put their faith (and money) in the campaign that it’s a significant number. It influenced my decision to make the extra adventure the basis of a separate Quickstart book, which as well as PDF will be available in print. Also because of this that Stretch Goal 3 will be the book of adventures, the Ministry of Thunder a collection of Five Adventures that make up a tale of an immortal detective agency actions on Earth chasing supernatural villains

I’ve also thought up a series of 8 mini-stretch goals, fun little things that I’m calling ‘Monkey Nuts’ 🙂 These are small adventures/encounters/articles that I plan to release as standalone pdfs, to keep interest in the game post release on as promotional material. We’ll this way Backers will get to see them first ,as they are completed rather than the drip-drip release schedule that non-backers will get them, and if all 8 fund they will get them as pdf/print collection. As stretch goals they will break up the long lonely drives between the bigger more expensive stretch goals.

If you’ve backed thanks for your contribution – things are looking up on the campaign with lots of exciting material to be unlocked soon 🙂

If you’ve not backed and are sitting on the fence, jump off and get pledging. Help us hit those stretch goals and get me committed to producing the extra stuff straight after the main rulebook is done.

Here’s to a good day of funding!

*which in percentage terms is about 70% towards the goal or 15 backers at the average pledge (which is about £20 or so the KS tells me) or 3 (all Golden Monkeys) to 17 (all Little Monkeys)