In the small wee hours Stretch Goal 2, Defenders of the Dragon Empire a chapter about wuxia characters, funded.

Now its onwards and upwards towards Stretch Goal 6 which is the book of five adventures The Ministry of Thunder. On the way are Stretch Goals 3-5 which are smaller adventures and articles called “Mini Monkeys”. These are going to be released as standlone pdfs after the campaign, but backers get them before general release and if all eight which I have planed fund they will get a collected version called the “Monkey Companion” which Brass Monkey and up will get as a POD version.  Also a couple of Add ons have been added for those of you who want to help the campaign fund and get another one of our story games at a discounted price.

This means to date:

  • Basic Goal Main rulebook, with new art, new content and revised rules.FUNDED!
  • Stretch Goal 1 If you see Buddha on the Road, new adventure in the book and as the basis to a Quick Start Booklet. FUNDED!
  • Stretch Goal 2 Defenders of the Dragon Empire, chapter in the main rulebook about mortal characters FUNDED!

Today I’m going to be pushing publishing the campaign. I’ve got a few interviews to catch up with and at 1:30 GMT/7:30 Central time i’m on RPG.nets IRC chat channel with the lovely Dan Davenport, chatting to one and all about the Monkey the 2nd Incarnation.

So today onwards and upwards! I’m hoping to see the Mini-Monkey Goal of the 8 Immortals fund today and add this popular group of wandering Taoist deities to the game :).