We are now in week 2 of the four week campaign and doing very well with the basic goal of the main rule book funded as well as the first two stretch goals (an extra adventure in the book, which also forms the basis of a quick start booklet, and a chapter on mortal Wuxia characters in the game).

The number of new backers have slowed right down, which to be honest is what I expected. Money is still coming in and I’m confident that we’ll hit the advertised stretch goals (3 The Ministry of Thunder & 4 Monkey Companion – both standalone books) by the end of the campaign. In fact I’m optimistic that if we get a fresh wave of publicity (hint if you are a backer tell your friends). we could clear Stretch goal 3 The Ministry of Thunder (a book of five connected adventures) by the weekend or early next week.

Since the book has funded I’ve started work on it and I’ve given the green light to +Daniel Barker and +Peter Frain to start producing art. They’ve both enthusiastically embraced this, and from the sounds of their excited emails I should have some new art to show you in the coming days.