Over a day and a half, while I was researching for the Mandate of Heaven (which I co-ran with +John Ruddy and +Lynn Yin at Furnace in Sheffield last weekend), I’ve learnt what an absolutely fucked place/concept the Chinese 10 Courts of Hell are.

A place of torment where a system of Judges assigns you a very specific chamber of hell to be burnt/cut/pulverised in. And where after serving your sentence you drink the soup of forgetfulness and get reincarnated according to the rules of Karma into your next life. So a basic mix of extreme bureaucracy, the tales of red tape gone wrong are amazing, and demonic fury.

But what really gets me is the little touches. Such as the City of Innocents, where souls of those murdered, raped, etc get to live out their time watching the punishment of their tormentors in life!

Its all meat for the grinder, but I wonder how I’m going to keep Monkey’s usual light comedic tone, without it all going Carry on Hellraiser!

Especially with player characters like The Horse That Rots, picture by +Daniel Barker

The Horse that Rots, by Dan Barker