I’m pleased to announce that last night I completed my final pass of error checking through of Monkey 2nd Incarnation. Its been a good 2 years since I made the dedicated decision to do a 2nd edition of the game and after all the hard work put in, not only by me but a host of others it looks fantastic and exceeds my expectations. Especially in the art department – +Peter Frain, +Daniel Barker and +jon hodgson have excelled here and produced illustrations that are a joy to behold. After the school run, I’ll be uploading it to DriveThru, sending out complimentary pdf copies to backers and ordering a print proof and generally starting the Begining of the End to get the book in other people’s hands 😀 (fingers xed wc 19th March)

This is my final 2nd Incarnation development post, I’ll let that just sink in 🙂