So the New Legends of Monkey

Since people keep on asking me about/recommending Netflix’s The New Legends of Monkey, here’s my brief mention that’s going in the bibliography of Monkey the RPG (which gets in because I’ve had to do a complete layout tweak, pesky margins!)
The New Legends of Monkey (Netflix 2018)
A complete retelling of the tale, to make it an action-packed if somewhat duller version of the epic. Not recommended if you want to watch a version that is 100% faithful to either the letter or spirit of the novel*
*which is where I stand on it (since people keep on asking me). Watched 1st episode and about half second and then gently dozed off. Much rather spend my time watching all of the 1986 China TV Journey to West series, that is on YouTube, or even the old 80s Japanese TV Monkey, which is available in box set. It reminded me of the BBCs Merlin series, aimed fairly and squarely the teen audience. Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West films (Conquering Demons/The Demons Strike Back) is much much more fun and faithful to the source material if you want a quick introduction to Monkey.
As for The New Legends… I’m going to go away and forget it ever exists. My damning with faint praise mention is my last word on it! 😛
But behold you can make up your own mind, here’s the official Trailer!

Wondering the streets of Western Heaven

Today while writing for the Mandate of Heaven, a mega scenario pack for Monkey that also an expanded location guide for three locations in the Monkey-verse, I have wondered the streets of the Western Heaven, a city made of Jade and other precious gems and metals, inhabited by Chinese Immortals who run the universe.

I have visited the grand palace of the Jade Emperor, the magical residence of the Queen Mother of the West, her magical peach garden, the Forge of Lao Tzu, the Ministry of Thunder (responsible for dealing with supernatural criminals on Earth) and ended up in the Ministry of Records (where you can find the answer to any question as long as you don’t mind sifting through endless piles of scrolls). And any time I got lost I merely closed my eyes and found myself back at the Fountain of Dancing Phoenxies 🙂

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