The Bad News, deadlines have gone flying past again like Monkey making to the edge of the Universe on his cloud. A combination of real-life busyness with day jobs (for my collaborators) and for me the joys of having my children at home for the summer holidays.

The Good News, we’re not pissing on the five pillars (which turn out to be Buddha’s fingers) when we get there. The document undergoing final proof, I’m putting the final touches on the Play Aids pack, Glynn Seal is doing city maps, and Dan Barker is doing stunning work on the art.

I’m cracking the whip and shouting “End of August!!”

So for now, that’s where I’ll leave you with Dan’s charming picture of the co-rulers of the Western Heaven sharing a slightly awkward moment as the more youthful and inexperienced Jade Emperor experiences the displeasure of the Queen Mother of the Western Heaven, who briefly shows her “Queen of Tigers” side.

(and if you want a sneak peek at another piece Dan did the book, pop over to this previous post on the Monkey blog).

The Queen Mother of the Western Heaven and the Jade Emperor by Dan Barker

I shall update you again in early Sept.