This is one of the articles in the upcoming Monkey Companion.

I’ve three objectives with this article.

  1. Help groups who are used to playing the World’s Favourite Fantasy make the move over to Monkey the RPG.
  2. Give examples of some of the truley inspriational real life places in China and the Far East, that Narrators can use as inspiration for adventure locations.
  3. How to use the existing Monkey rules for Actions, when the player characters are adventuring underground. Especially how to stage Monkey’s action packed fights.

One of the places featured in this article, along with the 1st Qin Emperor’s Tomb ( home of the famous Terracotta Army), the Third Tang Emperor’s Tomb (which is a massive recreation of the Tang Imperial Captial Chang’An), and the Ten Courts of Hell (both the mythical place and its supposed earthly entrance) is the Longyou Caves.