Monkey: The Storytelling game of the Journey to the West, is based on the Chinese classic “The Journey to the West” and if you are a of a certain age the Japanese TV version that was simply known as  “Monkey” here in the UK.

Monkey was one of our first releases and seemed to take an age to get written, but once released its one of our more popular titles.

In the game players play disgraced Chinese Immortals who are cast down to earth and trying to redeem their selves in the eyes of the Heavenly authorities, so they can be readmitte dto Heaven.. It has a straightforward Card based mechanic, which I call the Yin-Yang System,that models everything from furious Kung-Fu action to heated debates. It comes in both Pdf and printed Its a slim 150 page 6″ x 9″ softcover available via our Store page

This blog will be about the game, plus any future games that we are working on using the Yin-Yang system.