Earlier this morning we hit the Stretch Goal 3 The Ministry of Thunder! Now onwards and upwards towards the Monkey Companion!

Also some good news if you are backing at the Silver Monkey level (or are considering it). I’ve upped the reward package to include eight art prints; the piece you sponsor or suggest (which you’ll also get as a print quality electronic image for your own personal use) + 3 pieces by Peter Frain (The Monkey Triptych which includes the banner image on this site) + Dan Barker’s interpretation of the Four Pilgrims.

Read more on this Kickstarter Update

Talking of Dan, he’s still working away at his illustration for the scenario “If you See Buddha on the Road”

Here’s the latest work in progress showing the scale of the piece (its missing Monkey and co.)

If you see Buddha on the Road, work in progress by Dan Barker